Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weekend Recap/ Tell All Tuesday

Next year, we won't wake Owen for Christmas...

Sean was so excited for Owen to celebrate the first Christmas that he would "understand" Santa Clause...so he may have accidentally woken him too soon. Major backfire... I need to figure out how to post the video from the actual event (I really need to learn how to hook my blackberry to the computer).

To backtrack- and I will add pictures and videos at some point this week, we went to my brother in law's house for Christmas Eve. It was really nice- a dinner of steak, twice baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini and squash followed by pumpkin rolls for dessert. We stayed until about 7:30 when Quinlin started to Melt down. Sean's dad dressed as Santa Clause and Owen never even made the connection that it was Grandpa in the suit. he came up the stairs and Owen yelled "SANTA!!!" priceless. The kids opened gifts and we came home and went to bed. Hunter said he was so excited that he was up all night. Nice to see that even at almost 14, he still gets excited!

Christmas morning, the kids were downstairs opening presents by about 8am. We took a break for pancakes around 9am and Owen finally finished at about 10am (I think Hunter was done by 8:15). Sean's parents and sister came over at about 1pm. We deep fried a turkey and had a nice Christmas day. Nowhere to go or be rushed- I didnt even put make up on. Sean's family left about 8pm after the babies bathed and that was it!
  • I am on vacation this week and am trying to enjoy and savor every minute of it! It is so nice to be able to shower in peace, for as long as I want, and not be interrupted by a certain 2 year old. Sean doesn't understand how that can be such a highlight to my day, but it is. I have been dropping the kids off to daycare in my running pants, pony tails and sweatshirts and rushing home to my quietness. LOVE.
  • I had minor oral surgery today. Back in June, I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled plus a 5th tooth for a failed root canal and had a bone graft done to prepare me for my implant. Today was the day of the implant. $3,000 later, I still have a gap in my teeth but the "implant" is in. Now I need to wait 3 months until my dentist (no longer the oral surgeon) puts the crown on. I guess I thought that I would leave there with a new tooth but the process is long.
  • We have been having a heck of a time with owen lately and bed time. He is almost in a "seperation anxiety mode" and needing someone to be with him. I do not want to start the habit of having him in bed with us, so we have been laying on his floor to calm him down for the night. He stalls "must say good night Hunter, must say good night daddy, etc". if we leave and he gets angry, he peels off his pajamas and diaper immediately, because he knows we'll come back. After he did this yesterday and peed on the floor, I posted to my facebook looking for help. We're trying the supernanny technique. I used to loved bedtime, my kids went to sleep so easily. Now- I dread it. DREAD.
  • Hunter comes home tomorrow. He spent Christmas Day and the following days with his dad. I'm ready for him to come home. I do enjoy though that he has cousins his age and is really enjoying himself, but nice to have my complete family together again!
  • On Monday, Sean and I boxed up all of Quinlin's old clothes and went through everything I had left from Owen that he has since outgrown. I am going to attempt to sell some of the items on ebay (sad that I have Ralph Lauren outfits, for example, with tags on them because I was too afraid to use them...what was I thinking?) If I dont sell any, or decide its too much work, those clothes, in addition to two boxes of clothes are going to my nephew that will be here in February, Charlie. Quinlin's clothes- 2 boxes worth- have been boxed for our friends Jimmy and Tanya, who after 3 boys, are finally having a little girl (ironically the duedate is the day after Charlie's duedate). At least I know all the clothes are going to good homes and will get good usage. sad to box things up already. Especially Quinlin's clothes- and even sadder to look at her newborn sleepers and barely remember that she was really that small!
That's it for now. :)

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