Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ornament Exchange Link UP!

I participated in my first ever ornament exchange via blog and I was so glad I joined. Thank you so much to Shannon and Karen for hosting! There were 44 participants and I got linked up with Suze . It's so fun to meet new people!

I came home the other day and was so excited to find my package. Sean brought it inside and I wouldn't let him open it.

Inside she included a cute little Christmas card with such nice writing. I felt bad as when I sent mine, I put in a quick note, but didnt think to do a card. Oops!

And here is the gorgeous ornament I received. I LOVE it! It truly is one of my favorites I have ever gotten!

Owen loved it too- he thought it was the greatest ball he ever saw...
He didnt want to put it down....

I finally got him to help hang it on the tree...

Isnt it great???

Owen did not enjoy that it was hung though...he wanted to keep playing with it!

Suze- thank you so much! We love it. Wishing you a fantastic holiday season!!!


  1. Wow, she did pick out a beautiful ornament for you! I love it too! So glad you joined us! I can't wait to cohost again next year! So cute with the kiddos holding it!

  2. that is a big ornament. so pretty! i can't wait to participate next year. i have enjoyed seeing everyones ornaments so far.

  3. What a pretty ornament! How sweet that you took pictures with the kids with it. Can't wait to do this again next year!

  4. love the ornament. owen looks so amased with it.

  5. Hi there! Following via the Ornament Exchange. Very pretty ornament. I love sparkly anything!

  6. Your boys are so cute!! Love your ornament too :)

  7. Girl, I am SO glad you enjoyed the ornament! I picked something that i knew i would enjoy and hoped and prayed you would too! Glad you think my handwriting is neat, i beg to differ but i'll take the compliment and say thank you! Gld O enjoyed the ornament too he he! so sweet! Hope you have a very merry christmas!
    PS...Im posting about my link up and your ornament you gave me tonight :)

  8. Cute ornament!! I found you from the linky and did the ornament exchange too. Don't worry, I forgot to put a card in completely...oops. I was so excited to ship the cute ornament a card was completely forgotten.

  9. Do you not just luuurve getting packages! :)