Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tell All Tuesday

  • I am currently getting paid to wrap gifts at work.... I love my job.
  • Though- wrapping the gifts is putting off my big project- not so good. No deadline but obviously something I want to get done.
  • Wrapping them here is causing me to not wrap at home. Luckily I still have time. One of my favorite things to do, since I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas, is to sit on the living room floor, next to the tree with the fireplace on wrapping gifts. Though- with Quinlin and Owen- I dont know if I will even use my fireplace this year...and will most likely need to wrap when they are in bed.
  • Sean's work may prevent him from going to Wisconsin for an ice fishing tournament... I'm trying to sound sad for him, but dont think I'm very convincing. Though- if he doesn't go, we lose out on the money he has already spent- entry fee, rental house, not to mention his partner than gets screwed.
  • Owen has been very funny lately with naptime. The good thing is- we have gotten him to take naps again. The bad thing is, he likes to sleep without his pants on. So far no accidents though while like that...knock on wood.
  • I felt the guilt of being a working mom the other day when I was signing the babies into daycare and the lady at the front desk said "I love how Quinlin says uh-oh. It's the cutest thing." I looked at her in amazement..."she says uh-oh????" Yes- she does...and it is very cute.
  • I need someone to watch the kids so I can go shopping with Sean... Hunter has some clothes but we still want to buy him a cool winter coat and maybe some games for his PS3. We picked up a cool tool bench for Owen...but need much much more from Santa.
  • It has been snowing pretty hard the past few days here... I find the snow absolutely beautiful and love my drive to work. I drive though like a little old lady- especially with the babies in the car. Owen chimes in in the backseat "be very careful mommy". I love it- I'm sure the people behind me wonder what is taking me so long- especially since I drive an SUV.
  • I have been stalking my phone like crazy since my friend Gia is in the hospital being induced. I was in the shower last night and I got a text so I asked Sean to look at my phone. He didnt know I spent the day stalking it and said "7 lbs, 13 oz. Raymond James" It was the funniest thing- and no- she is still in labor and Raymond, I dont think, is even on her name list. I had texted back and forth with her prior (maybe about 30 minutes before) so I knew he was kidding. I find it adorable how connected he is to my life and my friends. I am a lucky girl.

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  1. Hi Shannon, I think you and I share the same brain sometimes!!! I felt myself nodding to everything you said!! Yes to the snow, yes to Gia (so happy for her by the way), and always yes to the working Mom guilt. I am so glad we connected, I really loved your post!!

    Hope you have an easy ride home from work, according to my sister, your side of town got it worse than we did!!!