Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tell All Tuesday 12/21

  • I am home from work sick today. I love my children- I love that they are so giving and want to share- but they can stop sharing their germs with me. Owen's sneezing, coughing, snots, etc have finally caught up to me. Oh how I love daycare.
  • Though- such a catch 22- I really do love daycare, aside from all the germiness. We found a great one and the ladies take such good care of my children and they truly are learning so much. But- they are sick- all the time.
  • Speaking of daycare, I need to get my daycare providers with holiday gifts. The first year, I bought chocolates. Last year, I did wine. I think we're going with wine again...but I have 8 ladies I need to buy for (and actually I'd like to include one of the floater ladies, Louise, and the cook) but I dont know if I can afford to do 10- holy cow!
  • I am laying around my house and need to do something, like cleaning, but have no motivation.
  • Sean was out of town for a week and that really sucked so much energy. I am thankful that I took vacation time next week and can enjoy some of winter break with Hunter.
  • I had to bribe Hunter with a trip to Subway so i could get him to the barber shop. His hair was pretty raggity (is that a word?)
  • I need to start planning Quinlin's birthday party! I wanted to do an evite, but feel the pressure to do actual invitations since I did for Owen's first birthday party. Her party will be much smaller than his. It's winter and we simply dont have the room.
  • I should finish wrapping gifts since Owen is at daycare...but I just want to stay in bed. I sound really whiny- it is just a bad cold. I also need to finish buying things but that isn't happening today.
  • I tried to watch a DVD from netflix this morning but it kept getting stuck...annoying.
  • Sean's cousin Jeff's wife, Karen's, dad passed away. Calling hours are tonight. I hope I'm feeling up to going.
Ok- I guess that's my tell all tuesday for the week. Now my sister, who looks forward to these, can feel in the loop since she lives so far away!

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