Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home Tour Tuesday

I would normally do a Tell All Tuesday post but I guess there isn't much to talk about today. I'll say when it rains, it pours (or since its winter in Ohio, when it snows, it blizzards). Of course, everything seems to happen at once and in the most non-opportune times. That's ok though- we get through!

My new friends Shannon  and  Daphne host a Home Tour Tuesday each week and I finally can participate! I did a post on what she is covering, last week, so a re-cap if you will! It didnt make sense to retype it out so just click on the link below if you're visiting from her site. My tree and favorite ornaments are listed- in addition to a few stories.

Home Tour Tuesday

I will include a few pix just in case the link doesnt work.

Thanks for visiting!



    Thanks for linking up and giving a shout to to us:)

    Hope your day is great!!

  2. I agree with Daphne, your kiddos are too cute!

    I appreciate you linking...gosh I it's like there's an echo in here...Daphne has already said most everything! Haha!

    Can't believe y'alls' snow...that's crazy! It's been frigid here too, the high was on 37 yesterday and for Lower Alabama that's cold!

    Have a great one!



  3. Hi Shannon, great pictures of your precious babies!!! I am so glad you are starting to link up to Shannon and Daphne's home tours. They are so much fun and such sweethearts! I am hoping to post mine here soon, trying to upload a few pictures. Finally started decorating our tree yesterday. A bit tardy this year!!!

    Hope you are having a great day! Thank the lord the snow has stopped, at least for now.


  4. Great pictures of the kiddos. And the ornaments are so cute.
    Stopping by from HTT and I love the name of your blog.