Friday, December 3, 2010

Who does this remind you of?

Owen had fun playing with my purse yesterday. Gloves and hat were another story.

he reminded me of the Golden Girls...
a little version of Sophia...

I do not have a good image of Quinlin- but she reminds me of


I guess it would be inappropriate of me to post a pic of her thighs and butt- but J-lo and Kim K watch out- she will give you a run for your money!

Maybe I can get some good pictures of her this weekend! We will be pulling out all of our Christmas decor this weekend to decorate the house and otherwise, laying low. I dont think we really have any plans. Maybe we'll watch a movie- we've been sitting on Avatar and Clash of the Titans for weeks. Our big Christmas party is next week so I hope to get some more cleaning and organizing done prior to having a house full of people. i'd like to get some shopping in too- but dont want to go anywhere near the mall, I dont think, and all the crazies out there!


  1. Sooo funny! Loved the Golden Girls...Hope you're having a great Friday! And thanks for joining our ornament exchange. I'll be in touch shortly!



  2. Burberry.....the kids got style, lol!!!

    I am our newest follower, coming to you via Shannon up above:)
    I'm so excited about the ornament exchange!

    Hope your night is blessed-