Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Recap/ Menu Planning Monday

We had a very good, low-key weekend. On Friday, we did nothing. Hunter had his friend Evan spend the night and we thought it would be fun for them to go to the high school basketball game (so movie night in the basement went out the window). Sean dropped the boys off at the game and when he picked them up afterwards, they brought their friend Michael with. So- no decorating of the tree as I now had 3 eighth grade boys in my basement. And- note to self- next time boys spend the night, they need pillows and blankets on the couch... anybody know how to remove drool marks from furniture? (shudder)

Saturday after the boys left, we began decorating. We decided to chance it by putting the tree in our living room and just not using any of the glass bulb ornaments. Luckily, the babies like the way it looks, but do not have an interest in touching it (for the most part). owen likes to pull off the ornaments and look at them, but they are pretty good. I was nervous mostly for Quinlin, but she really hasnt shown an interest.

our finished product:
Some of my favorite ornaments...

It's so fun to pull the ornaments out every year and hang them on the tree. My mom got the last one for us this year- the first ornament to have our complete family on it.
The hand print was from 2001 of Hunter's. We had given this to my ex-boyfriend's family for Christmas that year (we dated for almost 6 years). I maintained a friendship with my ex's sister-in-law who told me one day that my ex's mom mentioned that she had the ornament in storage but knew she couldnt hang it anymore on their tree. She didnt want me to be offended that she didnt want it- and it wasnt that she didnt want it- it was more of a feeling of knowing my ex's wife would wonder why it was on the tree.... I was nowhere near offended, I was so happy that she was thoughtful enough to want me to have it back. It probably is one of my favorite things hanging.

After we decorated, I made a nice dinner (french onion chicken and roaster parmesan cauliflower) and Sean and Owen rushed off to meet Sean's buddy and daughter at Jumpyard (a local inflatable jumping zone).
Owen had a blast! I wish I could have seen him in person. Quinlin was fussy so in bed by 6:30- I knew she would never make it at one of those places.

On Sunday- our friends Sawsan and Mike came over and we watched the Browns beat the Dolphins (Go Browns!!!) and that was it. I made another good dinner (smothered chicken and baked potatoes) and cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, etc.

For our menu this week:
Sunday- smothered chicken (pan seered and then baked with onions, mushrooms and muenster cheese)
Monday- Cheeseburgers and French Fries
Tuesday- cashew chicken and rice
Wednesday- frozen pizza I think (kids on own with sitter- Sean and I to the Cavs game)
Thursday- chicken marsala and angel hair pasta
Friday- probably something on the go
Saturday- our 6th annual holiday party at our house


  1. I am curious...where do you come up with your menu?

  2. hi Misty! I make it up as I go. I try to vary it so that it is something different each week and also try to make sure I have the easier meals during the week and the ones that take longer on the weekends. With three kids and working full time, it's the best I can do! I need to get more recipes or go back to some good old standbys soon.