Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Cards

My holiday cards have finally been mailed and delivered so I can post what I ended up choosing from shutterfly. I had to send 125 of them, so the 50 free cards really helped me out. Remember the promotion here.

I was really happy how they turned out... family-oriented, a focus on each child, etc. I find it funny to see the cards of the famous. I wonder if they'll look back and wonder "what was I thinking?"

Really, LeAnn Rimes?

or- how about Paris?

and you can't forget the Kardashians...

A flash back to the 2008 Kardashian card... why was there a ladder?

At least Britney is normal... who would have thought I'd ever write that? And, sidenote, I no longer can think of Britney Spears without thinking of Brittany S Pierce from Glee... Sean and I love her character.

I dont think I have ever written this before, but I think my true calling would have been an entertainment reporter. I dont have the look for tv... but I love that stuff. I could read a people magazine or perez and be able to quote back most stories. Ask me to read a textbook and I couldnt comprehend it. Oh well- I like my job and wouldn't trade it I will happily follow the celeb bloggers for my scoop.


  1. Hi Shannon, I love your card this year, thank you so much for sending me one!!! You have such a beautiful family


  2. What a cute post! I do love y'alls card too! It's perfect!

    I can't get over the Kardashians...reminds me of the Addams Family, really! Although the youngest girl, Kendall, is it...she's gonna turn out to the be prettiest of them all!

    And laughing so hard at the Britney is normal...who would've thought?!

    Merry Christmas, Shannon!