Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekend and a Sicky

Well I would normally be excited for the upcoming weekend, except that we were up all night with a pukey Owen. Three times in the middle of the night and once this morning. And- we all know how I feel about puke. I sat next to him this morning, hovering, with a large cup (you know those big 32 oz they give you at the hospital when you give birth) waiting for him to start so I could catch it (gross). I am now waiting for my parents to come over to relieve me (thank you Mom and Dad) so I can go to work. My boss told me if easier to just stay home, but I have so much to do there and I dont want to jeopardize my time off scheduled at the end of the year. So- better to come in and work. My day will consist of wrapping more presents, working on his address labels for holiday cards and of course, the ever present art project. We talked about the project yesterday and I feel very good about it. He reitterated that there wasn't a deadline so to not stress about it and that he knows I have so much on my plate in addition to it. It was nice for piece of mind, but makes me more motivated to stay on top of it.

Hopefully Owen starts feeling better. Tonight Sean's sister is coming over to babysit. We are hoping to do some shopping and cleaning. We have our 6th annual holiday party scheduled for tomorrow night. Should be a good time- they always are- so here's hoping the snow doesnt keep our guests away. We are expecting about 35 people. Smaller than previous years, but I'm ok with that. Too bad our bar wont be ready. We havent heard from the granite place yet so I need to make a note to have Sean follow up with them to see when they will be ready to install. My luck is that it will be one day when Sean is in Wisconsin. Yes- he is able to go after all. He had to adjust his plans and now needs to be at work Monday and Tuesday, so his partner will still drive the 12 hours to the tournament with all their gear on Sunday and Sean will fly to meet him there Tuesday night. We did get a decent flight for him, but had to get a rental car to drive from here to Pittsburgh as the flights from Pittsburgh were much cheaper. I'm glad he gets to go, he was bumming pretty hard about it, just hoping the kids all are healthy!

Sunday will be just a day to stay at home and relax and watch football. And because posts are always better with pictures...

prior to getting sick... in my heeled boots...

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