Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Quinlin- 11 Months Old!

I say this every month but oh my goodness- 11 months already? This was a huge month for you!
  • You had a healthy month so I dont know how much you weigh but my guess is 22 or 23 pounds. You are still a hefty little thing. Your thighs alone are quite edible. Everyone tells me that I shouldnt worry because as soon as you start walking, you will slim down.
  • You are finishing your last pack of size 3 diapers and moving into size 4's (which is the same size Owen wears).
  • You wear 12 month clothing. I struggled last week to find some clothes for you so had to dig into your Hanukkah and Christmas gifts early to find some new outfits. Thank goodness for grandma and poppy too who brought you a ton of clothes this weekend!
  • You are still eating 3 bottles a day (5 oz each) and are on all table food. I still try to give you a little bit of the purees but you don't really want them anymore. You like to eat what we are eating.
  • You are loving books. You sit there and turn the pages very contently. You are so calm. Much like Hunter, not so much like Owen.
  • You love Owen's toys and love playing with your brothers. You love when Owen tries to wrestle with you. I think you're going to get hurt or scared but instead find you laughing. You love lamby (Owen's stuffed animal lamb). He will even give it to you to comfort you if you are crying. Little does Owen know that lamby was supposed to be yours. I won it as part of a prize from and Owen discovered it one day in your room before you were born.
  • You can stand on your own- in the middle of the room- for as much as 30 seconds. You are starting to get more confident in yourself. You furniture walk like a champ and love walking behind your walking toy in the basement. So far, you have done everything about 2 months ahead of schedule compared to what Owen did. So- I expect you to be walking around 12/13 months. Hunter didn't walk until he was 18 months, and Owen started walking at about 14 1/2 months. Your time is coming soon.
  • You love being mobile so much that diaper changes are an adventure. You twist and turn and scream in torture because you want to be on the move.
  • Bedtime is now definitely no later than 7:30pm. weekends we can keep you up a bit later since you can sleep longer in the mornings, but my weeknights are definitely cut short.
  • You wave hi and bye, say mama and dada and owen and uh-oh. I think this morning you said more. I'll keep working on that one.
I'm typing this realizing that there are so many milestones in the first year yet still so many after that. Owen will need to have a Dear Owen post written soon. His language and cute sayings have definitely exploded as of late!

Here is Quinlin this morning as I was getting ready for work. Such a big girl!

Quinlin- one more month until you are one!!! I want to cherish every moment... don't grow too quickly baby girl!

Weekend Recap
I would do a normal weekend recap post but this weekend blew chunks... literally. Owen was sick on Thursday night/Friday morning so my parents came and bailed us out and watched him for the day. Sean got home from work and then he was sick Friday night into Saturday. he woke up Saturday and all was fine so we went on with our 6th annual holiday party. It was a great time- had about 30 people over. The usual suspects which make for a fun time. We missed seeing our friends Jason and Stacy who came in from Columbus. They went to Jason's parents house during the day and while there, Jason's dad had a major heart attack. Stacy, a nurse, had to give him CPR as they waited for the ambulance. He's in critical condition- thank god she was in town...not sure what would have happened if she wasn't. Towards the end of the party, I started not feeling well and went to bed around midnight. I was up all night- sick as a dog- and spent the entire Sunday in bed. Luckily today, I feel fine. Gatorade next to me, I'll go on with my day and pray that Hunter and Quinlin can stay healthy!

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