Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

  • After a rough day at home yesterday, I have learned that Sean will never be a stay at home dad.
  • Though it was really cute to see the fun things he was doing during the day with the kids- he took Owen's big Wheel out of the box to play with, they watched movies, they played soccer in the basement- you know, all the normal things you do with sick children.
  • I dropped them off at school this morning- hopefully they stay there all day. Neither had a temperature- so hopefully all are back to normal.
  • I did a little decorating over the weekend- pics to hopefully follow tomorrow if I can remember to bring my camera.
  • I was totally shocked yesterday while reading my Bachelor spoilers....and then watching last night. I don't know how I manage to get sucked in every.single.time.
  • Charlie Sheen is crazy- mark my words- tragedy is not far from happening. It makes me think back to the day a few years back when I played in a Fafarazzi league with my FK's. Heath Ledger died, I picked him up and scored tons of points. If I were in a league right now, Sheen would be a great pickup. (It's kind of like Fantasy Football). Any FKs reading this, should we start a league again?
  • I watched a new show that I had on my dvr last night- Traffic Light. I believe it's from the producers of the Hangover. I really liked it- looking forward to watching the other two episodes I have taped.
I think that is all for today- here's hoping for healthy kids, a busy day at work and a fun night of taco Tuesday!


  1. I did not participate in the league last time but I totally would (even though I really don't know what it is about but it sounds like something I would love!)

  2. Hi Shannon, getting caught up on my blog reading. You poor thing, I am so sorry your kids are sick again! I really admire your strength and sense of humor dealing with it all. I would be at my wits end and probably curling up in a ball on the floor somewhere. I hope they are better soon!
    I still have not read the spoilers, are you saying the spoilers were wrong??? He better pick Emily at this point is all I can say or he is going to be hated more than the first time!!!