Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Once again the weekend has come and gone and it went, too too quickly! I feel like we didn't do all that much, yet I was constantly on the go.

Friday night I took Hunter out to a Purim service as he watched his friends who were in it perform a "rock opera" and play. I know it killed him to not be in it, performing himself (as he is quite the performer) but we live too far away and weren't able to commit to the rehearsal schedule. They did a nice job, and Hunter very much enjoyed himself.

On Saturday, Sean went to his parents house for a boys weekend- 6 of his closest friends from high school reliving their glory days. They got down there about 10am, started drinking at noon and were all passed out about 10:30pm. Ha! They were such girls leading up to the trip as well- giddily talking on the phone, sending pictures of the different alcohol in preparation, etc. I'm glad they had a nice time.

While Sean was away, I went with my realtor friend Megan and checked out a few more builders. It was nice walking through the models, seeing what I like and don't like, but weird to do it without Sean. We had a long discussion over the weekend and I think have come to peace with staying where we are. Though- we are looking at one home, already built, today just because we have had our eye on it. If we leave there today and know it's not the home for us, we will not put our house on the market. We have gone back and forth and really, if we're going to make a big move, the time is now. That way, we don't need to disrupt Hunter from school and his friends. If we wait until he goes to college (which is only 4 years away- yikes), then we may not even want to start over with a mortgage, etc. We always said we didn't want to be house poor- and our home is only 7 years old. I would think, at that point, we can live with the things we don't have- and try to correct the things we want and can. So- all still up in the air.

On Sunday, I took the babies, with my parents back to the temple for a Purim carnival. Hunter was working it, as part of the youth group, but Quinlin and Owen even were still a little too young. They enjoyed themselves, but it was a little chaotic and the games were slightly over Owen's head. Afterwards, while Hunter was cleaning up, I took Owen and Quinlin to Karen's house and they got to play with Jillian. It was so nice to be able to go and visit her and have the kids play together. We stayed for about an hour or so and then I had to rush to get Hunter to bring him home where he was promptly picked up by his grandpa for the night. I felt like I didn't even get to see him at all this weekend!

Sean was home when I finally made it back and it was nice to hang out with the family and relax the rest of the day. Now I need to play catch up on all the chores I didn't work on this weekend. I'm surprised anyone made it out of the house today with anything clean to wear!

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