Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

That time of year again! we filled out our brackets, and of course, I am currently tied for last place in our little pool. There are 9 of us so we'll see how I end up doing. I picked Kansas winning the whole thing, but only because Sean picked Ohio State- so figured that gave us more of a chance. Who Knows.

Think Owen is cheering for anyone in particular?

He's a buckeyes fan through and through, but any chance he gets to wearing something of his brothers, he'll take. So- go Buckeyes! (or Kansas)

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  1. Hi Shannon, I am bummed I miss your pool!! Next year for sure! How have you been? I miss chatting with you. I was hoping we can put another day on the calendar for you to come over or meet up at Aurora Farms on a nice day for some spring wardrobe shopping!!! Have a great weekend and go buckeyes!!