Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had such a nice weekend!

Friday night we cleaned a little bit and then I waited up for my sister to arrive into town for the weekend. She got home about 10:15pm but we had gotten so much snow that day that she couldnt get into the driveway, so I had to wake a sick sean and send him outside with Hunter to shovel and snow blow. I am very ready for winter to be over!

Saturday, my new friend Megan came over. She's a realtor who I met through work and in casual conversation about a week or so ago, I made a comment about wanting her to come over and stage my house. I wasn't happy with how I had furniture placed and wasn't feeling happy with the way the house was looking. We have also been in thoughts of moving- as we did about a year ago. We would love a three car garage for all of sean's gear and some other little things, but our house is fine if we choose to stay in it. Anyway, Megan came over and we went to work right away. I wished I had taken before pictures but will try to take some afters.

We started in the kitchen decluttering and moved on to the living room. All the toys went down to the basement in a closet and we moved a sofa table down there as well and rearranged all the furniture. She also placed my photos in a small cabinet and rearranged the decorative pieces on top of the media cabinet and fireplace. My living room looks huge now.

We rearranged the dining room as well by moving which wall the hutch and buffets were on. It made such a big difference. She also reorganized everything in the hutch and decorated a bit on top of the buffet. It is one of my new favorite rooms.

We didn't have time to move things around upstairs but she gave us a gameplan as to what we need to do in the bedroom with the furniture and will work on that this week. When we were finished, we left the house and went to a model home of a builder she wanted us to see (we had mentioned maybe selling and wanting to build). I loved it. You can do so much custom work- as opposed to when I bought my house originally. The house we saw was very nice, the rooms were bigger, the mud room was amazing. It is something we are strongly considering and now just need to meet with them to see exactly what it will cost us to build if we were to go that route. And- we would need to sell our house first, so...that is something we need to work on. We just need to declutter what we don't need and finish the stone work on the bar and we can put our house on the market. And- the fact is- if we don't sell our house for XXX, then we don't sell and can be fine where we are.

We rushed home from the house visit to get Hunter for his basketball game. My sister and I went and left Sean at home with the kids. I'm so glad I went too. Hunter's team won- and are the champions of his league. They went the entire season undefeated!

After the game, we had take out and just hung out at home. I felt bad that we didnt do anything more exciting with my sister, but with the babies, it's too hard.

On Sunday, we cleaned a little more, donated a bunch of stuff to goodwill and came back home. Sean's sister came over and cooked us dinner (a nice surprise) and that was it. Now on to the week ahead!

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  1. Sounds like you had a non stop but awesome and successful weekend!

    I hope your week is fantastic Shannon:)
    ♥, D