Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Owen!!!

Today Owen turns 3. OMG- when did that happen?

Three years ago, I became a mom for the second time. Though it totally felt like the first for everything. Owen was five days late but made a fast entrance into the world and wiggled his way into our hearts. He is such an amazingly bright guy- bright in the aspect that this kid will make it in life. Hard to believe that at 3, he has a lot of street smarts to him.

  • He is in size 3T clothes and size 9 shoes
  • His hair is blonde- but just starting to get a tad darker. Both Sean and I had blonde hair as babies so we will see how blonde he stays and for how long.
  • He's an athlete- loves baseball, football, basketball and golf.
  • He loves to swim- and pretend he's a fish. Swimming though is a lot of jumping in the baby pool, or swimming in the bathtime. Must get him in for some lessons.
  • I believe he's about 32 pounds. His appointment is in 2 weeks so we will find out for sure. This year though, he really seemed to grow taller and thin out. He has such a great little body to him- definitely got Daddy's legs.
  • He's in underpants. Has had an amazing month (one month to the day in fact) of being potty trained. He wears only underpants- no pull ups or anything and has had only one night time accident. He really has done amazing with it. He also is to the point where we don't even ask him if he has to go. He happily goes on his own, washes his hands with the "pretty soap", dries them, etc. Such a champ.
  • He is so clever- and very fixated on things. He knows he has to look both ways when crossing the street so he doesn't get hit by a car (and then he'll go in the sky and we'll never see him again).
  • Favorite foods- pizza, pb&j, anything sweet, strawberries and whip cream, and lately chicken
  • He talks in fantastic sentences- and loves to talk and talk. Funny things said referenced here.
The Quiz
I asked Owen a series of questions and will be asking this every year on his birthday. Here are his responses:
1. What's your name? Owen Patrick ______
2. How old are you? 3
3. Where do you live? at home
4. what is your favorite color? purple
5. what do you want to be when you grow up? a football player
6. who is your favorite person? Hunter
7. who's your best friend? Mommy, Quinlin, Daddy, Hunter and Nora (I think he couldn't decide)
8. what is your favorite tv show? football games or The Simpsons
9. what is your favorite food? cake
10. what is your favorite drink? Milk
11. what do you like to do for fun? play Home Run Derby
12. what do you like to play outside? Basketball (pronounced basket hall)
13. what is your favorite song? Take Me Out to the Ball Game
14. what is your favorite movie? Toy Story 2
15. what is your favorite book? The Allie book (book about Boxers and he refers to it as the Allie book for the boxer down the street

we asked Owen what he wanted to do for his birthday for dinner. His response last night was peanut butter and jelly, followed this morning by hot dogs. Not sure what we will end up doing, but I have a feeling we'll go to McDonalds or something so he can play at the play land.  His little party is this weekend- little as it's just our parents and Sean's siblings/ families. My sister is out of town. I'm thinking next year though we may have to start doing the kid thing and inviting friends from school.

Happy birthday little man. We love you so much!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Owen! I LOVE the idea of the quiz on each bday! I may have to steal that :)

  2. Happy birthday, Owen! I love that his favorite show is The SImpsons,lol