Monday, August 8, 2011

Owen's Birthday and Party

Owen decided McDonalds for his birthday. Not so much for the food, but to play as he was definitely too busy to eat. He had a blast!

We came home and opened presents.

Quinlin and Hunter watched and looked cute.

what a great time we had on Sunday for Owen's 3rd birthday party. He went down for a nap and knew as soon as he woke up that it would be party time. So- of course, he woke up early to see Sean and Jen putting together his new fishtank. He was so excited!

The party started with Owen happily greeting guests and instantly wanting to open presents. I gave in, probably shouldn't have, but it actually worked out to get it out of the way and then let the kids play. It was nice to visit with everyone even though it was such a small little gathering.

a successful attempt at a cousins picture

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