Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend. Busy as usual. I don't think we ever really sat down. I find it sad when I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

Friday I left work early and met my MIL and SIL and continued to look for homes for my MIL. Every home we saw, something was wrong with it... mold, water in the basement, etc. We walked in many and left disappointed. We then went Friday night to Jennifer's house to celebrate Sean's brother Chuck's birthday. It was nice- we got Mexican and hung out.

Saturday morning we were back at it again. We walked in a few homes and then started looking in a new city. We found two we really liked. One was a for sale by owner "farm house". The other in a development. The farm house was definitely more her- on an acre of land, completely redone, huge barn, nice kitchen. There were a few concerns with it- would need a new driveway, would need to address a drainage issue by the back of the house and barn, otherwise, it was totally her. The development house was totally redone. She could move in and enjoy. The fact that it was in a development scared her. She's used to having space, not having to worry about my FIL roaming free, etc. We decided to sleep on it and go back to both of them the following day. Saturday night was the first preseason game and so we brought Owen and Hunter with us. They had a blast!

Sunday was my nephew Charlie's baptism. We went to the church and watched him get baptised and then went to Chuck's house for a get together. It was fun- the kids played, the food was great. Aside from the rain, a perfect day. We left Chuck's to get to the two homes with MIL for second showings. We got to the farm house and found out from the rain, the basement flooded. Red flag, sign from God to move on. So- off the list the farm house went. We then went to the development house and we all loved it again (minus Sean and Jen who weren't sold on the development). MIL again wanted to sleep on it and after talking to Sean, I thought would have lost interest. But- on Monday I found out she was putting an offer in. I was so excited! It really is a great house- and at .36 acres, still shows enough land and privacy. Between taking care of my dad, I think she realized it may be time to give up the land dream. She was either going to find a house with land that needed a ton of work, or a nice house on not so much land that was move-in ready. So- fingers crossed that the bid goes through, the sale of her own house goes through and she could move closer. Ok- and not to jinx it, will just post a few pictures!

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