Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had such a great, kid filled weekend! I had off of work on Friday ( a just because day) and went to lunch with a girlfriend. It was so nice to sit outside and visit, unrushed. should do that more often. Friday night Hunter went to the big high school football game. In preparing, he came downstairs wearing his high school t shirt that highlighted that he was class of 2015. Way to go Hunter- announce to everyone you are a Freshman! Sean marched him upstairs and helped him get dressed so he looked a little cooler and on the way they went. Sean dropped him off and he was off to meet friends.

Saturday we woke up early and headed to HHGregg to appliance shop (for Sean's mom) and TV shop (for us). we walked out with a 50inch TV for our living room so now need to work on redoing the rest of the room. I found an entertainment unit I like...but I think we want to head to Amish Country to see if we can have it replicated (with better quality).
I believe it measures just the size though of our we may need to play with the numbers a bit. Or- we look around to see if I like anything better. We also want to purchase new couches (Sean wants a sectional) and a leather chair along with a coffee table. So- fun times in the future for us.

Saturday afternoon we took the kids to a birthday party. It was at a local park and the kids had a blast and barely ate as they were so busy playing.

Luckily Sean and Hunter were with me so I could visit with some friends a bit too. We came home and Hunter babysat after the kids went to bed and we went down the road for some wings and to watch the Tribe game.

Sunday was a fun day. We met up with some of Sean's buddies from high school and their families and went to a local kiddie park.

It was hilarious to watch the kids there. They enjoyed themselves and rode the rides like crazy. Quinlin cried through the Ferris wheel and needed to get off the roller coaster but other than that, success! We came home and built forts until fantasy football draft 2 at night.

Poor Hunter spent the day in bed- puking in the morning for some reason... better today though and off to school!

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