Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Golf Tryouts

So I have been swamped so much with work lately that I didn't have a chance to write about Hunter's golf team tryouts. All summer long, I knew in the back of my head that tryouts were the beginning of August. We never heard anything, so I finally emailed the school on August 1st. I emailed again August 2nd and finally got a call that night that tryouts had happened but the coach would be happy to have Hunter try out the following morning at 6:45am. Hunter was at his grandfather's for a few days while his dad was in town so I called him over there and told him to come home. He got home about 10:30pm and Sean was out there in the garage getting his golf bag ready, helping Hunter pick out his clothes to wear for tryouts, etc.

They got the golf course about 6:15am and Sean prepped him and left. The course is hard- and hilly- and Hunter was just not prepared. He had only golfed 18 once, and that was with a cart. The tryout was 18- walking. We were nervous for him. If he could shoot between 100-105, his chances were good of making the team. He shot an all time best for the front nine- a 57! but then fell apart on the back end. He finished his tryout with a score of 126 :(

I picked him up and he had the best attitude. The coach saw potential, said he'd work with him and even gave us some names of golf pros Hunter could see to improve. So- we'll keep trying!

My dad actually arranged a lesson for him tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I was so proud of him for trying. He said to me "I'll come back and make it next year." Now it's up to Sean and I to get him the tools he needs to succeed.

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