Friday, August 12, 2011

We have Fish!

Now that Owen is healthy again, I can get back to my neglected little blog. On Tuesday night, we ventured out with Sean's sister to dinner and then to the pet store. We stopped at Boston Market for a quick bite and ran into Sean's friend Joe's parents. Joe was a Master Sargent in Special Forces with the Army and was killed Christmas Day, 2005 in Iraq. We hadn't seen his parents since a benefit for him in 2006. It was so nice to see them and visit, to hear stories of their family, to hear that the Army is naming a building after Joe in Ft Bragg, to be able to tell them that Sean's brother names his son after Joe, to tell them that Jen started running marathons because of Joe. It really was a nice visit, minus my crazy kids at Boston Market.

At the pet store looking at the fish

we brought them home and placed the fishtank in the kitchen. The kids love looking at them.

See the colored fish in the top left?
Yeah- the one and only picture of the colored fish. We bought 2 kissing fish, a headlight fish and another one with a really pretty tail. Colored little guy got caught in the filter. We woke up to find him in the morning pulling his own nemo stunt....only not as successful. Fishy heaven.

So crazy story... yesterday I attended a funeral for a local Marine killed in Iraq. Who do I see there? Joe's parents. It was almost fate bringing us together Tuesday night so that I would see them again yesterday.

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