Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 Year Well Visit

Owen finally had his 3 year well visit last night. I picked the babies up from school and dropped Quinlin off with Hunter and rushed Owen to his appointment. He didn't want to go because he didnt want bandaids (aka shots) but he did really well. Stood like a big guy on the scale to get weighed, stood next to the wall to get measured for his height, and walked all proudly into the room thinking his appointment was over.

Height was 37 1/2 inches and weight was 32.6 pounds. Very average for the most part. They also checked his BMI (which I think was at 17) and did his blood pressure. Hilarious that at age 3 they start checking that. He did everything his pediatrician asked him to do and happily walked out with 2 new stickers and the appointment behind him.

After the appointment we were off to the fish store to pick out a new fish for the tank to replace the little fish we lost the first night. We ended up bringing 2 home. If Owen had his way, we would have brought home this "little" guy:
um, thanks.

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