Friday, April 1, 2011


In honor of Rebecca Black- hahaha

I am so happy it's Friday (not enough to sing about it but the song is so annoying you end up catching yourself- ick).

Anyway- it was a good week. Work was very busy and some extra playtime with Hunter, so no complaints here. Owen also worked on potty training (kind of) this week. Sean's mom bought him underwear, so every night since Sunday, he has worn his big boy underpants for at least an hour just to get used to them. Last night was the longest he was in them- about 2 hours. No accidents, but he also wont go on the potty either. Sean made the mistake of telling him that the potty ate poo poo and pee pee so I think the poor kid is afraid he's going to get sucked in and eaten as well. I have the 3 Day Potty Training Method that I need to try as soon as I get three days off in a row.
He looks like such a big boy!!!

Ok- I haven't done my TV Talk in a while- we were so consumed with selling things on ebay (7 items and $165 later) and looking for new homes, that I neglected my dvr. Now that we have decided we are not moving for at least a few more years, I was finally able to watch a few of my shows:
  • Teen Mom 2- the only highlight of this week's finale was the wedding between Corey and Leah.
  • Grey's Anatomy- OMG- a musical? It's not Glee. I'm thinking they jumped the shark. It was a good episode in terms of the story line- and Callie can sing, but the singing just seemed to cheesy and corny to me. Wasn't a fan- though I have the song Story in my head from it.
  • American Idol- Loved Elton John week. Need to get into it more- I love Steven Tyler as a judge, but find myself watching Survivor instead of Idol if they are on at the same time.
  • Survivor- loving it this season so far. Glad Russell is gone. I have my episode from this week dvr'd and hope to watch it today with Hunter.
Speaking of today- half day at work and then he and I are going to another movie. Off to see Source Code- will let you know my thoughts of it on Monday during my weekend recap. Other than that, usual errands tomorrow followed by a night out of drinks and bowling with a group of friends and finally meeting my nephew on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

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