Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come and gone. I feel like I live for the weekends and count down my week until the weekend, just for it to end so quickly. We had a low key weekend. The weather wasn't the greatest, which probably helped in the low-key, didn't do much aspect.

Saturday morning we took the two babies to an Easter Egg Hunt in our development. Hunter's friend Michael slept over Friday night so we left the older kids at home and brought Owen and Quinlin. It was cold and rainy and just a miserable morning.

Owen did enjoy himself, even though he didn't seem to show it. All he talked about afterwards was the egg hunt and his eggs.

We came home and Quinlin played with her hair bows...

Owen waited for the rain to stop

And then it finally did and Sean introduced him to a baseball mitt...

We went to my parents house for dinner on Saturday... Owen and Poppy played with blocks
and we had a nice dinner and watched UP. Well most of it anyway. We didn't get to finish it as it was getting late and I started to not feel well.

Sunday we went to Sean's friend Ed's son's 2nd birthday party. it was fun- until I accidentally smashed Quinlin's fingers in a door. Poor little thing cried and cried- I felt awful. Low key rest of the night. I watched Desperate Housewives while Sean and Hunter gamed out in the basement. And- I don't know why I keep watching. It's one of those shows that I have watched for years, even as the story lines get worse and worse.

Oh well- on to the week. This week brings us Quinlin's 15 month doctors appointment, a night out with girlfriends and the Easter holiday weekend. Lots to do- and no time to do it!

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