Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Quinlin- 15 Months Old

Quinlin turned 15 months on the 11th and I figured it was time for another milestone post. These last few months have been amazing. First the stats:
  • 26 lbs, 1 oz of goodness! My little princess has tipped the scales in the 88% for her weight.
  • 30.5 inches- 48%
  • head was 50%- not quite sure what the measurement was
So- she's short and chunky- but I really feel like she is starting to slim down a bit. She still has an adorably huge belly and feels like she weighs more than Owen, but I do think she's starting to lose a little. In a month, she gained about a half a pound, so I'll take it. Her pediatrician is not concerned at all, so I wont be either. I do laugh about it though!

Her doctor was very impressed with her language development. In the last few months, Quinlin has been talking more and more. She repeats everything. Her favorite word is bow- and she asks to wear her bows all the time. We leave her room and she pulls one off her bow holder and we style her hair. I love it!

At the appointment, the doctor was using the one tool to look in her ears and Quinlin sounded like she said "can I see that?" and reached out for it. I know she really didn't say it, but she'll have full conversations with you and really think she's talking.
  • She loves itsy bitsy spider. She doesn't sing along but she does all the motions while you sing it. Sometimes I change her diaper and there she is laying on her table motioning the words ready for you to sing.
  • She has really been into playing with her brothers lately. She loves to get in on the wrestling and has really been into antagonizing Owen. She takes anything that he has and runs from him laughing. He hates it. We have been known to break up a few fights here and there because of it. And- we'll tell Owen to go say he's sorry to Quinlin and give her a kiss. he'll be stubborn and do nothing- and Quinlin will come running over to him with open arms giving him kisses.
  • She says mama, dada, owen, hunter, ball, bow, hi, bye, night night.
  • Size 4 diapers and size 18 month clothing
  • size 4 shoes- though I think her nikes are getting a little snug.
  • She is in full walking mode and has even recently added running to the mix.
  • She loves to play outside and loves to walk. Freedom!!!
It's been an amazing few months of milestones! And- just an amazing year. I am so lucky and feel incredibly blessed to have this little girl in my life!

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