Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

  • I made an amazeballs dinner last night and am quite proud of myself. My friend Gia posted this recipe on her blog and I seriously licked my plate when I was finished. I made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and then prepped tonight's dinner of French Dip Sandwiches in the crockpot. Chicken is thawing now for tomorrow so after dinner, I will cut the chicken and prepare it so that tomorrow night will be easy as well. I love when I am organized and have a stocked freezer/pantry!
  • Today is Hunter's first track meet of the season. He didnt run at all during spring break and they didnt run yesterday due to the rain, so we'll see how he does. He's running in only one event this season- the mile. I'm hoping to be able to scoot out of work to watch him. Though- with the weather today, it may get cancelled as well.
  • I also need to get to Target. Owen desperately wants to see the movie Cars. I taped Ratatouille the other day not knowing it followed Cars on tv. So- the dvr picked up the last minute of Cars while starting to tape Ratatouille. We have watched that last minute 26 times now. I got a Target gift card in the mail through Ebates so I will only have to pay a small amount for the actual movie.
  • Have I raved on here how much I love Ebates? So far I have gotten one check for $12.10 and I have pending cash of $15.36 for other online purchases. If I'm going to shop online, I might as well get cash back for it. Sign up now if you haven't!!! Link here!
  • Yesterday we had the great poop incident of 2011 for Quinlin. How can someone so small and beautiful produce the craziness that she did yesterday? She didnt get kicked out of daycare like I thought she would, but holy moly!
  • Check out the cute dancing machines from the other night at my brother in laws? Quinlin's new thing is to dance and spin in circles... Adorbs!


  1. Sounds like that recipe needs to hit the swap next week! And what your doing tonight too:)

  2. Pierogie Bake...heaven on a plate. Second only to love muffins