Friday, July 13, 2012

Magic Mike, July 4 and my birthday recaps

I don't know why this month seams to be flying by! Already a week later, I am finally writing about the 4th of July. First, though, I must mention my girls night to see Magic Mike. After several scheduling attempts, a few girlfriends and I went to see Magic Mike. I didn't hear the greatest things about it leading up to it, and was almost a little hesitant to spend my money on an evening movie (you know movies are expensive!). But- I am so glad we didn't cancel our plans. We picked Tuesday night, July 3rd to go since we all had off of work the next day.

Ok- I loved it. It definitely wasn't the best acting by any means, and a few parts were slow, but the movie was hilarious. Matthew McConaughey was hilarious and Channing Tatum was an amazing dancer and of course, was easy on the eyes. The movie had us laughing in so many different parts. We went out for apps and drinks afterwards and it was a really great night. Highly recommend!

Sean had to work the morning of July 4th so I just stayed around the house with the kids. Hunter went with his dad and family on that side for the day and in the afternoon when Sean returned home, we went to the neighbors at the end of the street for a cookout. I should have known when we were in for disaster when the kids didn't nap and instead of sleeping I had found that they found a green marker and decided to draw all over each other. And I'm not kidding- arms, stomachs, legs, eyelids, cheeks. everywhere. We threw them in the tub, bathed them and then went to Steve and Keirstie's. It was so hot (97*) and miserable. The kids played- water balloons, huge water slide, baby pool, water balloons. We played corn hole and Sean played bocce ball. Everything was fine, until I had to bring Quinlin home to change her diaper about 6:30pm. Owen came too and at one point, they each had a meltdown. Screaming, hot, overtired, it was awful. I called Sean who wasn't answering and texted him to come home and help me. Owen eventually made it back to the party after calming down. And Quinlin- nothing made that girl happy. So at 7:45 I put her to bed, screaming bloody murder and by 8pm, she was sound asleep. Sean's sister stopped over and Owen came home to visit with her and really that was our night. It started pouring rain about 9pm and Sean made his way home, but once the meltdowns started, it didn't even feel like the fourth of July. No fireworks, no sparklers, no pictures, nothing. Kind of disappointing.

My birthday was on the 7th (36- yikes) and on the 6th Sean surprised me by buying me a new anniversary band for my ring finger. We had always walked about the fact that I wanted one and to him it was the perfect time- my birthday and our upcoming 5 year wedding anniversary. He ruined the surprise by telling me he was going to do it, but I'm glad he did because he thought my ring finger was a size 6. It's not- I wear a 4.5 so a size 6 would have been way to big. We went to the store, picked it out and then rushed home to go to dinner with my parents for my birthday.

We went to a wood fire grill near the house and the food was good, but the kids were not. After several potty breaks between Owen and Quinlin and overall restlessness, Sean ended up leaving the restaurant with both babies and vowing to never bring them to a restaurant again. They weren't that bad...but when you see the people sitting near you obviously getting agitated by our crazy children, best to get out of the situation. I stayed with my parents and Hunter and finished packing up our meals and then we were on the way home. Once home, my parents watched the crazies for a little while so we could run back to the jewelry store to pick up my newly resized ring. And I loved it. I'm a lucky girl:
 Since we got my ring, Sean deserved some fishing items as an early anniversary present.
 We came home and the kids played and had treats. Perfect friday night.

Saturday was my birthday and we started it by leaving the kids with my in-laws and took Hunter to the golf course. I don't know what I was thinking to want to play 9 holes in 95*. A little crazy. Luckily we played a scramble- but I was dying. I only played 7 holes and decided to hang in the cart while the boys finished playing. I putted awesome by the way. 
 Hunter looking so old on the golf cart!

That night we went to our buddies annual party- Mikeapalooza. 
 And I was surprised with two birthday cakes. so sweet!

My oldest friend's birthday is 2 days after mine so we celebrated both our days!

Cute pic of Sean's cousin and his fiance. They just got engaged last month. 

We were in the basement playing pool when the guys stumbled across some fun items in storage.
 And we found a blanket that was monogrammed for our Mike's wedding... he's been divorced for 4 years now. Not sure why he still has the blanket? So leave it to Sean to let the fun begin.
 And turn it into a toga...
 He is nothing but hilarious.

 At the end of the night, I got serenaded by Mike and Socrates. Love those guys.

Really a nice long weekend!

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  1. OMG, you have been crazy busy!! Sounds like so much fun though. I just now remembered what else we have in common, our birthdays. Mine was the 5th!

    Happy belated birthday!!!