Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Vacation, Day 6- African Wildlife Safari Park

Wednesday, June 27th

We woke up early and headed towards Sandusky for our trip to Great Wolf Lodge (will post about that tomorrow) and decided to stop in Port Clinton (about 20 minutes away) and visit the African Wildlife Safari Park. If you recall, we visited last July. And it was equally as hilarious this time around. I had a Groupon and paid $7 a ticket. Owen and Quinlin were free, so it actually worked out that I have 3 more tickets to use again this summer if we can go back.

Hunter also came home the night before, so it was nice to get on the road with the entire gang! This park is so fun- you drive through slowly and feed the animals. We laugh... the kids were a little scared...

Look at Owen trying to get as far away from the Buffalo as possible. 

This was Hunter's first time there- he loved it. 

Owen a little worried.

Quinlin did not enjoy and had me keep the window up most of the time. This was when she was brave and would peak out (notice no animals in sight). 

Hunter looking up at the giraffe

If you haven't been it's a fun little park. They also have a little zoo attached that you can walk around, though we skipped it this time around as we wanted to get to the water park. That post coming tomorrow. And I eventually need to catch up and write about the 4th of July and my birthday.


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