Monday, July 16, 2012

Quinlin- age 2 1/2

July 11, 2012

My darling baby girl turned 2 1/2. I know it's written all the time, but so hard to believe she's already 2 1/2. 3 is literally just around the corner. The past 6 months have been such a whirlwind as she's really coming into her own and such a beautiful little girl both on the inside and the outside.

First I wanted to do my annual picture session of my little beauty, but it required bribing her with marshmallows.

Her prized possessions had to pose with her- Eeyore and blankey

  • I don't have exact stats since we haven't been to the doctor's office for a while (knock on wood), but from our home scale she's about 32 pounds and is about 35 inches tall. Though I'm sure on some crazy hair days, she stands much taller than that.
  • The summer has lightened her hair to a nice shade of dark blond. She experienced her first haircut at 27 months and it continues to grow, though when really hot, it shrinks up into spiral ringlets. I always imagined my daughter to have thick straight hair, but crazy and curly it is and I love it. Some days she lets me style it, other days it runs wild.
  • She has a beautiful suntan from being outside all the time. She loves to play on Owen's big wheel or ride her little scooter down the sidewalk. This has been a great summer for her as she really has come into her own for making friends. Our friends about 4 doors down have two little girls (twins, age 4) and Quinlin just adores them. She also loves our neighbors Adam and Lauren and instantly she and Owen rush to see if any one's garage doors are open which signals playtime.
  • At 2 1/2, she is a mix between tomboy and girly girl. Some days loves to be pampered- painting nails, getting her hair straightened, wearing dresses...and other days only wants to wear Owen's boy clothes or Owen's underwear (don't worry, it's clean).
  • She is in size 3T for almost everything, size 5 diapers and I think size 7 shoes.
  • She says anything and everything. We can have full conversations now and it's absolutely adorable.
  • She knows her colors, shapes and can count to 13.
  • Favorite show- Dora the Explorer. It's been so great to be outside all the time as she gets one 30 minute episode before bedtime so really hasn't had a chance to see that there are other shows out there. She will sit and watch Power Rangers with Owen sometimes, but doesn't seem overly interested.
  • She is a nurturer and a mommy type. Loves to help Owen. If he gets stuck on his bike, she is right there with him pushing him along or getting him that jump start. If he's crying, she rushes to his side to see if he's ok. "you ok owen, you ok". very reassuring with a nice pat on the back and a hug quickly to follow.
  • Owen is her world with Sean and Hunter as a close tied for second.
  • Potty training stalled a bit as the daycare won't begin working with her until the end of August when she switches classrooms (not enough staff to bring her to the bathroom, whereas the next classroom has a little toilet in a portion of the room). She gets it and goes at home probably 2-3 times a day. I am hoping that she will be easy to train once we begin working with her more.

On July 11, to celebrate her half birthday, we did our annual picture session.

And I love this face...

And she had ravioli for dinner (we had steak, more on that tomorrow)

and our annual happy half birthday cupcakes

After dinner, we went to the pool in our development

She loves to swim. More braver than Owen when it comes to the water for sure.

She loves to jump into daddy's arms

 It really was a great day.

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