Monday, July 2, 2012

Family Vacation 2012- days 1 and 2

We took last week off and planned a family vacation/ staycation. The goal was to have good family time with the kids, whether it be staying local or venturing out. I will blog about our activities daily, just so I have a good record of our time spent. Mostly pictures I guess of all. Hunter was gone in Florida with my parents so we had a very lowkey and mellow first few days...

Friday, June 22
Started with a milestone. A skirt and her hair in a pony tail??? success!
I worked a half day and then we had the kids at the neighbors and had a nice BBQ while all the kids played.

We brought out the sparklers.

We had such a good time...but stayed out entirely way too late. Baseball the next day was a slight disaster.

Saturday, June 23

Owen had no urge to want to play. I even, at one point, remember running the bases with him as he was in tears not wanting to be there.

And Quinlin was in tears about not wanting to be there either...

 Group picture and it was finally over for the day!

Part II of day 2 up tomorrow!

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