Friday, June 22, 2012

The house recap

As I mentioned in my Old Married Couple post, a house popped up on the market that we had to see. This house is one we eye-balled a few years back and talked about the perfect location, etc. It's in our development and seemed to have everything from the outside we were looking for. The for sale sign went up so of course we made an appointment to go see it.

It was for sale by owner so they requested no Realtors come with us. It was the first time I had been to look at a house without a realtor and we felt very odd not having her there. But, we went anyway. The house was great. Had everything we were looking for. Larger yard, 3 car front load garage, deck, patio, fence, sprinkler system, larger bedrooms, finished basement, theater room. Everything on our hit list. And- since we hang out with our neighbors all the time- we wouldn't have to move too far from them. The cons? The kitchen was just basic. In my "dream home" it would have been larger, with dark cabinetry and double oven (for all my cooking that I "think" I do). Could I live there happily? Absolutely. The other con? The price tag. They had it listed $35K more than the most expensive house that sold over the last year and a half. And, it's not even the biggest floor plan in the development. I certainly do not want to be the most expensive house... Well- I pointed out to the seller how much of a difference the price was compared to the market and recent sales. He sent me an email yesterday telling me they did their research and dropped the price $15K. Still too high. So- we sent them an email after speaking to three realtor friends and basically said we wouldn't be able to offer anything near what they were asking.

In reality, the interest rates are low, but we would still take a hit on our own house selling and at least in three years, we would have more of a down payment to work with and could get my house with my dream kitchen. Now, if they want to come back to us about $50K cheaper, we could have a deal. Until then, I will happily stay put...and maybe redo our living room.

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