Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My baby grew more crib. :(

Well, it was inevitable. My last baby decided she was a big girl and no more cribs. I wish I would have known she would have been done with it when she was, I didnt even take a picture of her in it for the last time. As mentioned before, Quinlin would not sleep in her bed, so we finally bit the bullet this past weekend and got her the new big girl bed. We were slightly nervous that we would buy it and she wouldn't sleep in it, but it worked out perfectly. She loved it!

We set up her room, which is tiny and not perfect, but at least the bed is in place. I haven't figured out how to arrange it yet to maximize the space, but the full size bed takes up so much of the room. I may need to switch around the dresser or something and see what we can do. But- for now, it's there and she loves it.


Such a big girl... ((tear))

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