Friday, June 15, 2012

The Old Married Couple

I think we may have created a monster... or we are in process of creating one. Last Saturday, Quinlin did not want to nap for some reason. So- I asked her if she wanted to sleep in Owen's bed. She did and gladly went to sleep. Owen got up, went to nap in her crib for all of 5 minutes and then laid down with Sean. Well, Quinlin happily slept for about 2 hours and came out of her room upon waking up. We didn't think anything of it really.

We went out that night for a group night out (Bar Louie and the new Casino) and came home and our babysitter Danielle told us that Quinlin wanted to sleep with Owen and ended up falling asleep in his bed. Ok. No problem. We came upstairs and I moved a sleeping Quinlin to her crib. Well, the next night, Sunday, Quinlin cried and cried until we let her lay with Owen. And ever since, when we say bedtime, she runs into his room. Owen is so sweet and offers for her to sleep with him, doesn't seem to mind at all and it actually is really cute to hear the giggles down the hall in the evening.

Sean and I go to bed and ask each other "did you check on the old married couple?" or "what is the old married couple doing down there?". We have gotten used to it a bit. And of course, desperately need to buy her a big girl bed of her very own.

Now the problem.... we are staying put in our house a few more years, but a home has popped up on the market that we have always what to do? wait it out in case we have to put our house on the market? Her room with a full size bed is very small, it obviously looks bigger with her crib in there...Decisions, decisions. My hope is whoever were to buy my house would look as the 4th bedroom as a smaller room anyway to use down the road, so maybe since we have the other good size bedrooms it isn't a big deal. I guess we'll know this weekend and decide whether or not to just buy the bed and assume to adjust the room to look as big as possible.

In the meantime, I hope when she does finally get her big bed that she'll actually use it. I know she has enjoyed this time with her brother and he has as well.

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