Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Recap

Father's Day started on Friday for us. Sean went to do the school drop off with us and had Doughnuts with Dad in Owen's classroom. We walked in and were greeted by drawings of what the kids thought their daddies looked like.

Owen's is so funny compared to the other drawings... I love it.

Quinlin gave Sean this little tie...

And Owen made Sean this shirt, which he proudly wore to the store.... in public.

 And Owen gave this little card...

And even spelled his own name.

Also, so I dont forget, I gave him a bocce set to play with the neighbors. We went to one of Sean's favorite stores

The kids had a blast looking for fishing stuff. We left there and mattress shopped as we couldn't let the old married couple continue to sleep in the same bed. We found one after a few stops that I loved and we were able to get them to come down in price as well. Since Sean used to be in the business of mattresses, there is no getting anything past him!So- the rest of father's day consisted of getting Q's new bed together and room set up.

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