Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family Vacation Days 6 and 7- Great Wolf Lodge

Wednesday, June 27th and Thursday, June 28th

After our trip to The African Wildlife Safari Park, we headed to Sandusky to Great Wolf Lodge. We were so excited to go. First time taking the kids to a water park, first time having the little ones sleep in a hotel, etc.  We got there about 1pm and checked in. Thanks to some friends, I had heard that if they aren't at capacity, your room could be upgraded if you just ask. So we sat down and waited and let Sean do the talking.
Sure enough, our room got upgraded. I had originally just reserved a basic room with two beds and a pull out sofa. The upgraded room included a fireplace, microwave, fridge and outside patio. We got to our room and decided to grab lunch first before we would go to the water park.We had lunch at the Gitchigoomie Grill and it was great. Good food, good prices, the kids got their own little wolf ears....

After lunch, we went to our room and changed for the water park. Our room was on the same floor as the water park and it was so convenient for us to run to the room if we needed to. I didn't get any pictures the first day while we were swimming (I wish I did). The kids started out nervous nellies in the baby area and then became full on adventurous "swimmers" wanting to go on the slides, etc.

We were in the park for hours the first day and I think left about 6:45 when Quinlin started to have a major two year old meltdown. So, instead of going back to the Gitchigoomie Grill for dinner, we ordered pizza and had it brought to our room. She finally calmed down and we went to the lobby for a night time story with the Wolves. Kids encouraged to go in their pajamas- it was adorable.

After the bed time story, we hit up the game room. Hunter went back to the pool a bit longer as there was a high school cheerleading convention at the lodge at the same time...

 eating her prized candy bracelet

Thank god we only stayed one night. Since they had never been in a hotel before, I think they weren't exactly used to their environment. Owen decided to sleep with Hunter on the pull out sofa. Quinlin slept in one bed and Sean and I in the other. Quinlin did not want to be alone, so Sean slept with her. And she kept him up all night tossing and turning and sleeping in every direction known to man, and I was awake all night listening to Owen snore. At one point I walked over to him and started moving him to try and wake him a bit to get that deep sleep snore to stop. I am waiting for the day of his tonsil and adenoid removal to try and get the sleeping noises a little under control. Speaking of sleeping noises- both Hunter and Quinlin talk in their sleep. Yep, so glad we only stayed one night!

The next morning, we woke up and had breakfast in the Lumber Jack's Shanty.

The part of it we were able to eat was great. Potty breaks and two year old tantrums again caused our breakfast to be slightly rushed. Hunter and I each got omelets from the cooking station and the restaurant brought eggs, french toast, hash browns, bacon and sausage to our table (unlimited). We also got some fruit and muffins from the buffet.

After breakfast, we checked out and went back to swim (could still use the swim park all day if we wanted to).
The big yellow and green slide. Owen loved it and kept saying "again, again"

Coming down off the slide. 

Quinlin did the yellow one once, and stuck to the little blue one, where one of us could be there to catch her.


Owen a little scared about something...


Did I mentioned Hunter met a girl the first day and basically disappeared as he hung with her the whole time? Her name- Joanna. She introduced herself to me by extending her hand and then hugging me. It was hilarious. I wasn't quite prepared to meet girls yet. Ha!

 And the car ride home. Both exhausted. win win!

We will definitely go back. We picked the perfect time to go as it wasn't crowded at all. Next time, I will remember my hair straightener... not sure why I thought I would go to a water park and keep my hair dry? It was a frizzy crazy mess but luckily I didn't know anyone so who really cared. We also could have brought our own snacks or ventured out to the local restaurants, but convenience alone made it enjoyable to just stay at the resort. Plus- it was more affordable then we thought. Great time and eager to return!

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