Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween Recap (finally)

Halloween 2012 will be known to be as the most drawn out holiday ever. I never would have thought that we would be hit by a the Midwest! The weekend before Halloween, we went to my mother in laws house so the kids could play with my niece and nephew. While there, Owen discovered one last final costume. I was nervous he would want to be Clark Kent now for Halloween, but luckily, he just played around that way.

The next night, we were invited to a family Halloween party by one of the kids in Owen's daycare class. So, we got ready for the party and I was stressing trying to find a costume. Some of our better costumes are more appropriate for the Halloween bar scene, not a 4 year olds party. Sean pulled out the costume bin and found Hunter's old power ranger costume (from when he was 8). It was a youth size L (10-12) so I laughed and tried it on. As soon as Owen saw it, there was no turning back. I squeezed (squeezed being the key word) into it and Sean cut off the bottoms as I was a little two tall. We posed for pics (Owen went back to the Power Ranger costume) and Quinlin wore her Tinkerbell.

we even wore our masks...

We went to the party (Sean in his hung like a horse attire) and the kids had a blast. My costume was off within 10 minutes (I seriously felt like I was being choked) and Quinlin soon after was running around in her tights and long sleeve t shirt as she wanted her costume off as well. The rain started that night... and it didn't stop.

We got hit with the Hurricane on the 29th and 30th. Several of the suburbs near us had flooding, trees down, no electricity. over 400 schools were cancelled on Tuesday, the 30th for a Hurricane day. The rain just wasn't ending. On the 31st, the actual holiday, the kids went to daycare and had their parties.

Trick or treating was cancelled in most cities that night and postponed until the weekend. It worked out great for us- easier to do it on a Sunday anyway.

Sean's family came over so the cousins could trick or treat together and we also invited our neighbors over for some pre-trick or treating festivities. We ordered pizzas and everyone ate and the guys played a little corn hole. Then we were off!

It was 38* and freezing, so Quinlin wore the Iron Man costume so I could have her bundled nice and warm. Owen opted, surprisingly, for Optimus Prime. 

 Admiring all his loot!
 She loves candy! (so does daddy)

Halloween was really great this year. They understood it, looked forward to it, enjoyed it. When we started trick or treating, we were all together. Owen knew that the faster he went, the more houses he would hit and was off like a mad man. Sean went with Owen and the neighbors and I went around with Sean's family. I loved that Quinlin and my niece got to trick or treat together. It was so fun being with those two girls! Hunter went out with about 4 buddies in the neighborhood as well- came back with 7 pounds of candy. He wore his Homer Simpson mask and that was about it. I guess at 15, there isn't much effort involved anymore. I asked him if he was too old, and he said he liked candy, looked like he was 12 and saw nothing wrong with it. At least he had a good time.

Next year, I hope the holiday remains on one day. And, I need to remember the weather next year too. I don't know if Quinlin will be so agreeable to switch up costumes like she was this year. 

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