Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saturday Recap

This past Saturday, we had a fun day planned. It was gorgeous weather for November. 63* and sunny and we had a busy day ahead of us. It started with family pictures. Sean hates when I schedule these, but it's so nice for me to have professional images each year to watch my family grow. Plus- we needed them for our Christmas cards. So we decked out in our fall attire and headed towards a beautiful park. My friend, Colleen, has been photographing my family since Owen was 4 months old. I cherish these memories. We were there about an hour and later that day, she already gave me an image as a teaser.

I love it! Sean says he has "Irish Fat Face" going on.. he still looks handsome to me!

After the pictures, we came home and napped and then headed to the local mall to meet up with 11 of Owen and Quinlin's friends to see Wreck It Ralph. Very cute movie! Owen did awesome. He sat in the row in front of us with his buddies. This was the second movie he has been to and did much better than the first (Avengers where he only lasted 30 minutes). Quinlin had never been to a movie before and she did well as well. She sat on my lap and watched most of it. Wasn't the best timing to be potty training as we needed to check out the bathrooms five times during the movie (only went twice) but at least she was going! She ate a ton of popcorn, drank half our pop and thoroughly enjoyed herself!

After the movie, we went across the street to Chick-Fil-A. The kids all played and we hung out with the other parents. It's nice to form a group of friends that we seem to have a lot in common with because of our kids. We stayed there about an hour and then headed home to our neighbor's house for a campfire, s'mores and cornhole. The kids played and I finally got them home about 10pm. Exhausted and overly tired, it wasnt a fun night. They cried through thier baths, Owen said he didnt feel well, they wanted Sean (why is it that they always want the parent who isn't home???). Sean stayed back with the neighbors and made it home about 11:15.

At 1am, Quinlin started throwing up. Of either child, I thought Owen was the one who would have been sick. about 1:30am, Owen started crying complaining his foot hurt him. So, we were basically up between 1-4am (Sean sleeping in Quinlin's bed with her, me doing laundry out the wazoo and comforting Owen).

They both woke up fine. No more foot pain for Owen and Quinlin was happy as a clam for the most part (lingering tummy issues on sunday). I thought it was all the junk she ate but it could have been a bug. If it's a bug, I'm hoping it leaves without infecting the rest of us!

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