Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big Girl Underpants!!!!

Quinlin's teacher at school went out on Maternity leave and her replacement teacher is making it her mission to potty train. Yay!!! Finally! This little girl was ready at 21 months, but because there was nobody to work with her consistently at school, she regressed slightly. But now, at 2 months before turning 3 years old, she is ready.

We sent her to school on Monday November 5th in underpants and she did awesome! She stayed dry all day (though they did put a pull up on her for naptime). We came home and continued with the underpants while she was awake and diapers at night. All week she did awesome, and had only one accident. At school they give suckers if you remain dry all day in that classroom, and she constantly reminded her teachers that it was sucker time when she was leaving.

Most days she had been waking up dry so on Sunday I let her nap in her undies and she did great! We had a little sickness so I will write about that tomorrow, so it has still been diapers at night, but we will attempt this evening to go diaper free. She has been dry though, so fingers crossed!!!

And the best part? How cute do little bottoms look in undies??? 

Yay Quinlin!!!

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