Friday, November 16, 2012

He's on a plane!

OK- today is the day that I put my baby on an airplane to travel alone for the first time. He is a pretty seasoned traveler, thanks to my parents and constant trips to Florida and cruises with them. But this is the first time he's flying alone. Off to another state to visit his dad. I'm so proud of his independence, his courage, the man he is becoming.

This is the "are you kidding me? you're really taking a picture?" look. 

We woke up about 5am and we were out the door at 5:45. Got to the airport, parked, went to the ticket counter and then I stood in line with him as far as I could until he needed to go through security. I gave him a hug, told him I loved him and to be careful (voice cracking the whole time) and I was on my way. I came to work early and am now waiting for texts from him to say he got there safely. I have already been updated that he got breakfast and was at his gate. Prayers for a safe return and a great visit. Sunday cannot come soon enough when he's back on the ground with us!

And as an add-on to yesterday's post, Owen drew a few more things before bed. Too cute to not share and document.

This Owen described as "Germy. He got sick and puked". Germy looks pretty angry if you ask me. He must still be traumatized over his and Quinlin's recent bout with a stomach virus. 

This he described as "Owen with a rainbow and a sun"

His drawings are awesome. I can't wait to show them to him when he's older. Big weekend for the kids- Quinlin gets fitted for her dance uniform tonight, they have two birthday parties tomorrow (one inflatable jump zone place and one is bowling), Sean and I have date night tomorrow night, and then big shopping day on Sunday to get everything we need for thanksgiving. And of course, a trip to the airport to pick up Hunter. I think the kids will get a kick out of going there.

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