Friday, October 26, 2012

the dreaded Halloween costume decisions...

I thought this year would be easy as I was going to be the mom who planned ahead. You see, in May, Owen had dress like your favorite super hero day at school. Score one for Mom for buying a costume at amazon for $23 (before the mad rush of costumes), using a $20 gift card and only spending $3 out of pocket. woot woot!

So, Batman it was and Batman it would be for Halloween. We played and played in our batman costume throughout the spring and summer.
Well, one day in August, we were walking around Kohl's and Owen had to be Iron Man... (I don't even think he knew what Iron Man was). Ok, I thought. He can be Iron Man, maybe Quinlin can be Batman (ignoring the fact that Quinlin is almost 3 and the costume is sized 4-6). Ok, scratch that.

So I asked Quinlin what she wanted to be. And to my surprise, my non girly, though sometimes girly girl said Tinkerbell. And the excitement hit me as I was so excited she wanted to be in something so feminine. I rushed out and bought it for her!

Needless to say, Owen came home from school and had to be Optimus Prime. Um, again, he has never played with a transformer or seen transformers on tv, but knew exactly who Optimus Prime was due to the kids at school. So, call him spoiled, but we spent the $20 on Optimus Prime when we bought the Tinkerbell costume. And, he loved it and was very excited. I thought we were safe, as at this point, Halloween was less than 3 weeks away.

Yeah, I was wrong. We had a playdate last weekend and Owen discovered and raided the costume chest at Nora's house. Yep, he saw it... there was no hiding the Power Ranger outfit. He played in it (while mixing it up every once in a while with Spiderman) the entire time we were there. To the point that Nora's parent's said that there son outgrew it and Owen could totally borrow it. So yeah, now we have the potential of wearing the Power Ranger too.

I haven't figured out yet which costume he will actually wear when the time comes. We have a Halloween party to go to tomorrow at one of the kids friend's homes, so I am curious to see which costume Owen decides to wear. Quinlin will wear Tinkerbell to the party and to the party at school, but I think due to the cold weather in Ohio (potential for a rain/snow mix on Halloween) she will wear one of Owen's costumes for the actual trick or treating so I can layer her up underneath. Tinkerbell is a little skimpy, in my opinion.

And because poor Hunter gets left out on many things on the blog, this is what he wore last year... Homer Simpson. We thought he may stay home and hand out candy this year, being 15 and all, but his response was that he looked younger and he likes candy too, so he plans on trick or treating with his buddies.

And- to not leave out Sean.... his go to costume all the time:

"Hung Like a Horse"

Oh how I miss the days of picking out their costumes and them just being what I wanted...

Halloween 2008

they look so young...
Halloween 2009

Quinlin- 1st Halloween 2010, 10 1/2 months

Owen, age 2, 2010

Halloween 2011 (the last any of them will fit in the cute elephant costume)

So- moral of the story is... next year, wait until the week before Halloween before deciding on a costume. I'm curious to see how Halloween actually goes this year. Post to follow!!!


  1. HUNG LIKE A HORSE!!! bwahahahahahahhaaha
    I am dying over here!!!!!

    How precious are they in those costumes...oh how i miss those days!

    Have a blessed weekend,

  2. love all of the costumes! found you through kelly's blog!

  3. This post sure mad me smile! You have extra cute kiddos. Found you through Kelly's Blog. Hope you have a happy and safe halloween!

  4. I love the "Hung Like A Horse" costume! So funny! And fortunately my kids are still young enough that they wear what I decided they should wear (ie whatever we've borrowed from friends for that year). It will be interesting once Sam starts having more ideas of what Hallowe'en is about and what he actually wants to be.

  5. Hi Shannon, I'm visiting from Kelly's blog! Your children are adorable, I'm looking for friends that might like to visit my new Maddalee blog...I'm offering some fun projects for children and their big people :-)

    Blessings, Nancy