Monday, May 7, 2012

Owen's first movie= FAIL

Sean so badly wanted to take Owen to see the Avengers. I was a little worried that he was too young and maybe it would be too violent, until some friends reminded me it was just super hero violence and that's totally different. So, we dropped Quinlin off at my MIL's for the afternoon and packed Owen up, with Iron Man action figure in hand and headed for the mall (I should add that Hunter was pissed we were going without him as he had a birthday party to go to for one of his cousins).

Owen was so excited- kept telling Quinlin he was going to the movie theater (after we kept telling him to be quiet- we didn't want her to get jealous). He went on and on- wouldn't stop! We talked about how he had to be quiet in the theater, how he had to whisper if he had questions, how it was like a huge tv to watch in the dark.

We got our tickets and went straight to the concessions.... Owen was amazed at all the choices

We walked excitedly to the theater

We sat with our popcorn thrilled it was about to start

And then the lights went down, the previews started and I should have known- first bathroom break. Sean ran him out of the theater (I should add that the theater was packed and we couldn't get a decent end seat, so we had to walk over about 6 people to get out of our row). They made it back with one more preview to spare. The movie started, he ate his popcorn, sat on Sean's lap, sat on my lap, sat in his chair, and about 15 minutes later decided he had to go to the bathroom again. So this time, I ran him out of the theater, rushed him to the bathroom where he proceeded to pee maybe a drop and decided he was done. Back to the theater we went and 10 minutes later, he said he didn't want to be there anymore. It was as if he suddenly was "over it". Great. Have you seen the prices for movies these days? Ugh

So, we left Sean at the theater, did some shopping at Target (I went in for 2 things and came out $104 poorer- that always happens there for some reason). And Owen had to have a new Avengers shirt and short set...not sure why, it's not like he liked the movie. tee hee hee. We went back to Sean's mom's to get Quinlin and then back to get Sean once the movie finished.

I hear the movie was great. It looks like I have a date with Hunter one night this week to go see it. And- he may be the best date of all...

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