Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Owen...aka Batman

The daycare is having "dress as your favorite Superhero" day at the end of May. Wouldn't you think by now with Halloween we would own superhero costumes? Nope- we were a football player last year, an elephant the 2 years prior and a turkey the first Halloween. Though- I guess, even if we did own costumes, they probably wouldn't fit him.

So- I went and purchased (and learned that it was a good time to buy. The costume was about $23 and I had a $20 Amazon gift card... so out of pocket $3.97- woo hoo). I didn't know it would be such a hit!

Batman- as soon as it was "ripped from the packaging"

The next night...and our neighbor Adam quickly ran in to get changed as well. 


 He works out...
 Quinlin had to get in the mix as well... she is so powerful and tough, she only needed the cape.
Nothing wrong with Batman in May I have learned either... crime doesn't take a holiday.


  1. it!! I had a Power Ranger many years ago:( Even in the summer....long sleeves and all, lol!

  2. Wow- you must live in a safe neighborhood :)

    Have a great WW!