Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Remembering Ainsley and Evelyn

It's supposed to be wordless wednesday, but words must be posted.

As I mentioned previously, On Saturday, my friend Jennifer and her husband Mark lost her 16 month daughter after a lifelong battle in the NICU. I will always remember her goofy grin and the joy she gave to her family, and by extension to all of us. Tonight, from 5-8pm the Knepper family will be having a memorial service for Ainsley. During that time, I will not be posting anywhere on the internet, but instead be honoring her too short life by spending time with my own family and thinking of them. Bubbles will also be blown to show Ainsley and Evelyn our love for them. I encourage anyone who can to honor Ainsley and her family tomorrow evening in a similar fashion. No one should have to lose a child. Losing two in less than two years is unimaginable. Hug your loved ones and remember that life is fragile and tomorrow is never a guarantee.

If you want to read more about the Knepper family, you can find their blog linked below. If you want to do something else to help them, there are many things in the works. Please email for more information.
Here are our bubbles being sent up to Ainsley and Evelyn.


  1. My prayers are with your friends.

  2. My heart just breaks for their family, what an ordeal they have been through. You are so sweet to have Owen and Quinlin blow bubbles in their honor. Praying for them!

  3. That is so very sad...I can't even imagine what they have had to go through. That is a sweet idea to send bubbles :)
    Modern Modest Beauty