Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Goals 2012

With Memorial Day fast approaching, I wanted to make sure I had goals of everything I wanted to do with the family this summer. It's hard as we work full time to try and squeeze everything in, but we'll do the best we can. It will be fun at the end of summer to see what we were able to accomplish!


  1. Where do you live! We are in Central Ohio. Cosi is on our list...we are members.

    Keenerfamily at gmail dot com

  2. What is lake farm park? Do you know anything about the Cuyhoga park system? Any recommendations?

  3. Hi Christi! we are northern Ohio- so fun to see Ohio friends. we are very much looking forward to our trip to Columbus- I've heard only good things about it in regards to the things to do with the kids. Lake Farm parks is northeast. they have a big petting zoo, hayrides, etc. I havent been in years but am hoping to go this summer. No recommendations on the cuyahoga park system. we do some hiking and trails, I know there is more to do though!