Friday, April 27, 2012

The bathroom shoe incident

So- on top of the awful yucko day that I had with Hunter on Monday, I got a call from the daycare saying they needed me to bring up another pair of shoes because owen stepped in poop in the bathroom. I get the call and his teacher says "I have a predicament... Owen was in the bathroom and there was poop all over and it's on his shoe. can you bring him a new pair?"

so I drive to the school with a pair too big for him and start talking to the teacher. I asked how he could have gotten poop on his shoe. My first question "was it his poop?" and she said "I think so. There was poop in the urinal and when I asked him about it he got really quiet". So I was like- Oh- my kid pooped in the urinal? and she nodded. so embarrassing. It hadn't hit me until right then that my precious angel would do such a thing. LOL

We asked Owen about it when we picked him up. He said he had to go and knew he wouldn't make it to the toilet and his pants were already down. OMG. he's such a boy.

And- to top it all off, he got rewarded, as the shoes I brought him were a pair that I had set aside to grow into, so I needed to run to the store and buy him new everyday shoes (no, I was not going to scrub poop off his shoes).

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  1. This sounds like something my son would do! :) Just stopping in from Kelly's. It's nice to meet other Ohio bloggers. :)