Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Owen turns 4!

August 4, 2012
My baby boy is 4 years old. I know when I wrote his 3 year birthday post, I couldn't believe how old 3 was. But 4? OMG- old. He is completely a little man, his own little person, opinionated, smart, sweet... I could go on and on.

  • Not much has changed between 3 and 4 growth wise. He is in 3T shorts, 3T and 4T shirts and size 10 shoes.
  • I am not sure how tall he is as his physical is in a few weeks, but he is still about 34 pounds. He is really lean but has a nice, athletic build to him. Definitely has daddy's body and daddy's legs.
  • His hair is darkening up a bit. Not as blond as it was last summer. More of a dirty blond color.
  • This year, he loves swimming! and it took a while to love it as he was very scared of the water at the beginning of the season. Now he begs to take baths just to be able to put his head in the water or "float". He also loves playing outside- football, basketball, riding his bike.
  • Speaking of the bike- this is the first summer he's had an actual bike, complete with training wheels. He is a champ about riding it too. He loves to ride his bike and play with his friends
  • Friends became a big thing for him this year. He has great little friends at school, was invited to his first friend party (Nicholas), and loves playing with his friends down the street. Both Owen and Quinlin keep their eyes peeled when we come down the street to see if any garage doors are open so they can play. If a door is open, they shout "my friends, my friends!"
  • 3 years old brought the first of team sports. Soccer last fall when just turning 3 and t ball this summer when almost 4. what an amazing difference those 6 months made. I am excited for what 4 will bring.

The Quiz

I asked Owen a series of questions and will be asking this every year on his birthday. You can read age 3 answers here. Here are his responses from this year:

1. What's your name? Owen Patrick ______
2. How old are you? 4
3. Where do you live? Buckeyes (I believe he means Ohio)
4. what is your favorite color? black
5. what do you want to be when you grow up? a grey batman and a red power ranger
6. who is your favorite person? Daddy
7. who's your best friend? Daddy, followed by Hunter, Quinlin, Mommy. "Just our family is my best friends"
8. what is your favorite tv show? Lady Gaga Simpsons or Dora. He also answered with diving (I think he has some Olympic fever)
9. what is your favorite food? peanut butter and jelly
10. what is your favorite drink? warmer water (much prefers from the faucet as opposed to filtered from the fridge)
11. what do you like to do for fun? play outside
12. what do you like to play outside? ride my bike or play with my friends
13. what is your favorite song? Sexy and I know it
14. what is your favorite movie? Shrek
15. what is your favorite book? One Rainy Day
Happy birthday little man! Party post to follow!

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