Friday, August 31, 2012

Gone too Soon

Today I need to go to calling hours for an old friend's wife. I have known him since we were little, we attended elementary, middle and high school together and went to college together as well. It's been years since I have seen him, but I cannot get his story out of my mind.

He was a newlywed, in fact, just celebrated his 1 year anniversary 13 months ago. And on Monday, he and his wife welcomed their brand new baby, Mason, into this world. The joy they experienced turned tragic as she suffered complications during childbirth and after 2 hours of trying, they couldn't save her. I couldn't imagine the happiest time in your life turning so horrific. Eerily similar to Matt Logelin.

From what I hear of her, she was an amazing woman. And all she wanted to do was be a mom. So she gave the ultimate sacrifice and is now watching over them. Please keep Craig and baby Mason in your thoughts. RIP Paula.

Ironically, Sean has to attend calling hours today as well for a high school classmates mom. He is still recovering from his surgery so this will be an adventure for him. Not sure if he even will be able to get nice clothes on, but luckily his friend Ed is picking him up and helping him to attend. He didn't want to miss it.

What a Debbie Downer of a post, huh? This weekend consists of helping Sean recover and an extra day off of work. I'll take it.

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