Friday, August 24, 2012

Owen- 4 Year Well Visit

I took Owen to his 4 year well visit on Wednesday. We absolutely love our pediatrician, so it is never a struggle to get the kids to go happily to the doctor. They even beg to see her when they are sick.
 In the waiting area with a picture to color
 Getting his blood pressure checked by our favorite assistant

 Willingly changed and posed in the gown

 and then decided he HATED the gown and couldn't wait to get it off.
 His doctor, to make him more comfortable, started the exam in the little seats before he finally moved up to the exam table.

He did great! Passed his vision and hearing tests with flying colors and is growing healthily!

The stats:
35.6 pounds- 50th percentile
40.5 inches- 40th percentile
BMI- 25th percentile

He really is starting to get long and lean... He is a grazer, so has definitely lost his baby fat simply by not eating huge meals. Though he did have a quality breakfast of 6 donut holes that morning. Quinlin came to the appointment as well and was such a little helper... she had to be in the "know" and watch everything Owen was doing. She even brought him his clothes to change into as soon as he could since he hated the gown. We left, stickers in hand for both, and them both asking when we can go back!

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