Thursday, August 9, 2012

Owen's birthday and party- age 4!!!

August 4, 2012
Owen's birthday was a Saturday this year so we started celebrating on Friday. We sent in cupcakes to share and he was so excited to see his cubby decorated. He proudly wore his birthday crown and sash all day long.

Saturday morning, he woke up all excited that he was now 4.

We watched a little Dora

Opened some presents

ate eggs for breakfast and pb&j for lunch

 The kids played while I prepped for the party. I had to run into work last minute so was prepping and prepping and then was late for our own party. We had the party at Sean's parents house and it was a small little event- just our immediate families, Mexican theme. I think overall everyone had a good time. I served a taco bar, chicken enchiladas, rice, beans and apps of 7 layer dip, chili cream cheese dip, chips and salsa.

The cousins played and then present time!

After the party, we came home and Quinlin opened a little half-birthday gift from my parents (very thoughtful)

And Owen could not stop playing with his new toys

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