Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We had a pretty low-key weekend, which was to be expected since Sean has been in recovery mode. On Friday, I went to the wake for my friend's wife. I have never been to a wake where there were so many people. A true testament to the person she was and the love/life they shared together. I went with a girlfriend from grade school and it was nice to catch up, though would have been better in different circumstances. We got there (after a slight detour from me not following directions and going the wrong way on the turnpike) and the line was wrapped around from one room in the funeral home into another and circling. After about 40 minutes and the line barely moving, I texted Sean to see if he may be able to get the kids from daycare (I was fearing the 6:30pm pickup deadline). He was feeling extremely sick and had taken the vicoden so could not drive and did not trust Hunter to drive his truck (with Sean being the licensed driver in the car with him). So, we waited in line some more and I watched the clock. I spent a lot of time talking to my friend's dad- we have known the family for almost my entire life- so there was a nice comfortableness there in such a sad situation. He talked to us about exactly what happened, the baby, Craig, etc. After about another 10 minutes, we started talking to Craig's mom. Time was ticking away and the line still wasn't moving. She knew my daycare restraint and ushered us right up front so we could see Craig and pay our respects. It was so sad- but I am glad I went. He was holding up as good as can be expected. The baby came home from the hospital on Sunday- true miracle baby!

After grabbing the kids from daycare (at 6:20pm!) I grabbed them McDonald's (don't judge- it's power ranger happy meal toy time) and we rushed home to eat and play with the neighbors. Sean was able to sit outside with us a little while and visit as well. On Saturday, I took the kids to my BIL's house to drop some clothes off for my nephew and visit a little. Nice to get out of the house while Sean recovered and let them play with their cousins as well. Plus- the new house is always fun to go to. We didn't do much else on Saturday. We hung out with the neighbors for a little while and ordered in from a local restaurant for dinner and watched a little college football.

On Sunday, we were invited to two picnics but needed to see how Sean was feeling. We went to his cousin's picnic and stayed for about an hour and a half until he had hit his maximum and needed to go home to lay down. We missed the chili cook-off that we always go to on Labor Day (hopefully next year). We came home, I took the kids to play and he came home and rested.

Finally by Monday, he was feeling good. Though Hunter woke up puking (not sure where that was coming from). We met the neighbors at the pool and had one last hoorah there before it closed for the summer. We ordered pizzas and had ice cream sundays and the kids had a blast. For the most part... there was a slight incident where Quinlin decided she was going to go in the pool without her water wings and went under. Thank goodness for my neighbor Beth who jumped right in and pulled her out. A little scary (and it's not like we weren't paying attention. Sean said to me "she doesn't have her wings, she doesn't have her wings". for some reason, I thought she could touch so was casually taking my time getting her wings. Yikes- lesson learned). We played at the pool until it rained and then came home, had dinner and went outside until it rained again. When Quinlin saw Beth she said "thank you for saving me". It was the sweetest.

So all in all, low key and easy. Thank goodness last week is over. It was rough taking care of Sean and the kids. I thought hernia surgery would be a little easier...but we are on the road to recovery. Today was his first day back at work as well. I am putting money on that he will probably be home by 1pm as I don't think he'll be able to work a full day. Fingers crossed he doesn't overdo it!

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