Friday, September 14, 2012

Owen's First Stitches 091312

Head- meet table
Table- meet head

That is what happened to us last night. We walked in the door about 6pm after I picked the kids up from daycare. Sean had to work the night shift, so Hunter was home waiting for us. I put my purse down, was about to make dinner, when all of a sudden I heard a huge crash onto the floor, a slight silence, and then a huge shriek coming from Owen. Tears were flowing. I rushed over to the living room and scooped him off the floor and blood started pouring from his head. Hunter was "in his spot" on the couch and Owen tried to jump over him out of the way, bounced off the couch and right into the coffee table.

I grabbed Owen, had blood all over my hands and rushed him right into the car. Hunter watched Quinlin and we drove away, towel over head, towel over car seat, as fast as we could to the local urgent care. In the meantime, Sean called his mom and she rushed right over to make sure Hunter and Owen were good.

I apologize, in advance, if the pictures of blood gross you out. I need to document our experience... it's not that bad, really.
He was such a little champion, by the time we got to the urgent care, he stopped crying, held his paper towel on his head and walked in on his own power, excited because he saw a vending machine and wanted cheetos (we hadn't eaten dinner as we just got home). We sat and got registered.
We made it back to the exam room and he laid down on the table for them to start looking at his head. He was so good- stayed still as they buzzed the hair around the area. He even made a comment about how this wasn't the barber shop.

The area was prepped and ready to go
They put a numbing cream on his head and bandaged him up. So we waited for about 30 minutes until they actually put the stitches in.
 They gave him crayons and a coloring book and he colored for about 5 minutes, until he was "over it"
So- what else do you do as you wait in an urgent care facility with a scared 4 year old? You play with your iphone of course, and take silly pictures of yourselves. We were so entertaining to each other. At least I had him laughing... that was the whole point. Less traumatic the better!

 Or crayons in the ears work well too

 Finally it was time to do the stitches. The numbing cream was on but then they also had to numb with a needle as well. Owen did not like that part.
We measured out the gash too. I tried to document everything since Sean was working the night shift and couldn't be with us.
 Owen handled the stitches like a champion. He whimpered a little bit during it but did amazing. The paramedic who was helping at the urgent care facility held his head still and gave him a little head massage while it was going on that Owen seemed to enjoy. 3 stitches later and he was all set!
 He finally got his cheetos he was waiting on
 And- what else do you do to cap off the night for a kid that just had stitches? McDonalds, of course! I was not about to finally cook our chicken fajitas we were supposed to have since it was now 8:30 at night.
Quinlin wanted to make sure she was part of the fun after looking through my phone, so crazy silly faces for the girls as well.

 And Owen capped off his night with some playing of his "new" GI Joes (Daddy's toys when he was little).
What a night! It was not our first trip to urgent care (never anything horribly serious) and I know it won't be our last. We were so happy for the care they gave us. Let's just hope we don't go back...for a long time anyway! I should add... Owen refused to take off his admitted bracelet... in case he gets hurt again. So off to school he went, with the hospital bracelet still on!

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